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Alternativa-M is a Russian business security holding company.

Implementing a professionally-tailored, expedient, and dependable safety framework to keep individuals, assets and business practices immune from danger is the chief mission pursued by the Alternativa-M Holding Company in its routine operations. With our affiliated network of versatile resources, we provide corporate and private physical security solutions, legal advice and consulting programs designed to help our clients identify, evaluate and mitigate commercial risks and vulnerabilities, minimizing their exposure to loss or jeopardy through formerly untapped reserves (Security in Russia).
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To-day 17th January 2014, the Business Security Holding Alternativa-M is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of incorporation. More...

One of the Alternativa-M business security holding guard units started using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for guarding and video monitoring large objects perimeters and adjacent territories from the air as well as for fast flight to a selected point for the collection of information.